Enhanced chat targeting with Engagement Engine

Engagement Engine doesn't get mentioned too much when discussing Service Cloud, however this little tool can be leveraged to enhance your support offerings quite dramatically. The traditional way to offer support is via a support page/hub, which lists the various methods for interacting with support teams. Often some amount of avoidance is pursued in order to reduce contact rate and hence support costs. What if this reactive strategy of support is not the most efficient for cost nor customer satisfaction?

It is good to push a customer to a knowledge base if for example it's the quickest way to solve their issue, but not if it cannot solve it. So can we take a more active role in promoting the most efficient support channel to the customer? Yes, and Engagement Engine can be one of the key components of this. Combined with good data Engagement Engine can enable intelligent targeting of support and actively promote the best support channels for the customer.

As an example let's say a customer experiences a particular error on your website, one that you know either cannot be self resolved and requires an interaction from an agent or leads to high abandonment rates, this would be an ideal time to offer an agent interaction. Engagement Engine can be used to initiate contact based on back end data, on screen errors, page URL or one of many other parameters and can offer chat when available. We can ultimately also trigger other support options if we prefer.

Imagine initiating a popup to offer human help to the customer just as they are becoming annoyed and frustrated, this can really drive retention, satisfaction and conversion rates. Similarly an invite could be triggered from failed attempts at submitting a form, reading X number of knowledge articles, selecting a specific product on an ask a question form or many other pain point scenarios. If the data is available to trigger from the possibilities are almost endless.

It goes without saying that if chat isn't the ideal channel Engagement Engine could be utilised to direct the user to a specific article or a pre-filled ask an agent form, creating excellent targeted support.