Active Targeted Support

When someone talks about online support what do you think of? You probably cast your thoughts to the format the vast majority of companies employ - a section/hub of their website dedicated to support, filled with knowledge base articles and links to various methods to contact support staff. Is this the easiest and cheapest way to offer support? Probably. Is it the best way to offer support? Certainly not.

We know why support is offered in this reactive way, it ticks the boxes. Depending on how much money a company is willing to spend on support will often also determine how prominent the contact options are. There is a better way though.

In an ideal world though companies should be actively offering support to customers when they need it; Targeting customers with the most appropriate support channel for their issue.

Imagine a customer engaged on your website, you know they have an issue and you also know the issue can be resolved at desk by a frontline agent. This would be the perfect opportunity to offer live chat and resolve the issue within minutes. Alternatively they have an issue which is not immediately resolvable which will requiring working and escalating, it is more appropriate to create a ticket for the user, minimising input required from them.

All of this of course relies on data. The more data you have and the more available it is to your systems the more you can achieve. We’ve all seen what lack of data integration looks like, using a live chat and being asked for your account number whilst you are logged in - not a good experience.

With better integration, better data and more active analysis we can create the customer support experience we all yearn for. Get in touch today and ask us how we can help you achieve active targeted customer support.