Oracle Service Cloud (RightNow) Pull My Incidents Free Add-In

Improve Incident assignment with our customisable Agent Desktop Add-In by quickly and easily reassigning incidents back to the agents that have been working on them. Reducing handling times and creating a better customer experience.

Pull My Incidents Add-In created by Corestudio is a Report Workspace Add-In for Oracle Service Cloud Desktop. It provides a flexible functionality for reassigning incidents to the agents that have been working on them last. Some companies like their agents to un-assign incidents they have been working on at the end of their work day / shift. This is mainly to prevent incidents being stuck and not dealt with in case an agent is absent.

The Add-In is configurable and allows setting the Incident Inbox limit and changing the report it runs of, so you can easily modify the way it pulls incidents for your agents.

Contact Corestudio Support via to obtain links to the latest Pull My Incidents Add-In files. You will receive the files and the instructions how to upload the Add-In via the Oracle Service Cloud Add-In Manager in the Agent Desktop.